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Egyptian Media Production City The Egyptian Media Production City is the largest media and production entity in the Arab region, the Middle East and Africa. It is built on an area of 2 million square meters, within the free media zone, which means facilitation of movement and transfer without imposing tax burdens on media investors.  This area is divided into several main areas, depending on the variety of media production and its requirements.

The most important main areas of the EMPC are the Studios Area, specified for shooting program and drama, and equipped with highly sophisticated technology in photography, lighting and sound, which is an indispensable area for all media professionals. All television channels and radio stations operating in Egypt benefit in one way or another from the services provided in this area, whether by renting studios or using photography equipment and lighting.

Dramatic production investors are able to take advantage of the open area of   dramatic and cinematic photography, which includes 15 shooting areas, each area represents a unique cultural, historical and architectural era, designed with flexibility and changeability through low cost mobile interfaces, also it can be used as indoor shooting sets, in diversity cannot be provided by any other place. The city has recently taken many procedures to reduce its prices, making it competitive with other shooting areas, as well as increasing the shooting hours, to facilitate the producers. Also providing the security required for shooting to achieve profits in all stages of drama and film production.

In order to ensure the integration of the production process, and to facilitate the investors in the field
of media production and drama; there is a service area area, which includes carpentry, blacksmithing and all the necessary fabrications and artworks for the production process. It has an excellent selection of skilled and trained technical workers at the highest level, as well as sound studios equipped with the latest technologies in the world and the Dolby ATMOS Studio, compatible with the latest sound systems in international cinema screens.


Because media business is rapidly evolving and always needs new blood pumping, educational activity has been an important part of the EMPC’s activities, represented by the International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences, which includes 3 colleges of information, engineering and business administration. It offers facilities to the students to attend practical trainings in the EMPC studios to achieve a degree of international excellence.

The EMPC role is not only providing production services, but it has been keen since the establishment of the entertainment component as an important element of its activities, through the area of Magic Land, to become the largest entertaining area in Egypt. It has been fully renewed and provided with the best components. It is a great added value to the investment in the EMPC.

To achieve further integration in the role of the EMPC and its services and facilities, The Mövenpick five-star hotel has been built to facilitate the EMPC clients in shooting and all production procedures, and its being upgraded so that customers do not have to travel long distances to go and come to the EMPC.